Time Tables

To set the routes we’ve used in these maps we looked at timetables from 1880, gathered from Bradshaw’s Continental Railway, Steam Transit, and General Guide, for Travellers Through Europe, compiled by W.J. Adams, published 1880.

Below are larger versions of the times tables found in the maps.  Click them to enlarge.


Time Tables from Cécile

_Berlin to Thale 166

Berlin to Thale (178)


_Thale to Berlin 166

Thale to Berlin (178)


Quedlinburg to Thale

Quedlinburg to Thale (178)


_Thale to Hanover 161

Thale to Hannover (178)


Hannover to Bremen

Hannover to Bremen (159)


_Thale to Quedlinburg 166

Thale to Quedlinburg (178)


_Berlin to Dresden 189

Berlin to Dresden (178)


Time Tables in Bahnwärter Thiel

Breslau to Berlin

Breslau to Berlin (186)


Frankfurt to Berlin,

Frankfurt to Berlin (183)


Berlin to Breslau

Berlin to Breslau (186)


Berlin to Frankfurt,

Berlin to Frankfurt (186)


Time Tables from Effi Briest

_Berlin to Munich 196

Berlin to München (196)


_Berlin to Nennhausen 160 Full

Berlin to Nennhausen (160)


_Berlin to Danzig 180

Berlin to Danzig (190)


_Stettin to Stolp 178

Stettin to Stolp (178)


_Stettin to Berlin 179

Stettin to Berlin (179)


_Ems to Berlin 129

Ems to Berlin (129)


_Berlin to Vienna 229

Vienna to Berlin (229)


_Berlin to Stettin 178

Berlin to Stettin  (178)


_Berlin to St Petersburg 180

Berlin to St. Petersburg (129)